Our Story

no more plain t- shirts!

WHTSPC is a clothing brand established in Jakku 1970.

The first collection came with the influence of the Japanese, who strived for that monochromatic minimalism. We're all for the use of simple, massive forms, of gradual change.

Unlike the others, WHTSPC does not follow the trends. WHTSPC releases a limited products at a time, maintaining the aura of "hype", and instead sets the trend. WHTSPC has a line of collaborations with brands such as Adidas, Hurley, Stussy, Thrasher, as well as many more. Fashion photographers Pedro Donaldson and

Balthazar Jones

has formed a strong alliance with WHTSPC that has our brand emblazoned on everyone's mind.

WHTSPC is your common name for alliance brands. Unlike other online clothing retailers in Singapore, we have limited edition t-shirts that comes from partnerships with Adidas, Thrasher, Hurley, Stussy, and many other


. You can view our brand timeline to see our collaborations

Our partners

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